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 Blackwater Mount Hawke MithianPorthtowan   St. Agnes
Gillian Doble

 Diana Rodda

 Mary Andrew Lynn Davies

 Dawn Brown

 Bill Forbes 

Pauline Barrow

Vice Chair

 David Drew

David Lovering

   Trevor Johns
  Roger Aston  

Mike Bunt


 Jinny Clark

Chairman of council

and HR committee

   Martin Ripper
     John Slater

 Tony Child


Mary Andrew  Mithian Ward

Tel:  01872 552945

Address:  Little Trevellas Farm, St Agnes, TR5 0XX

Email:  [email protected]

Register of Interests

I have lived in Trevellas for over 33 years.  I have a daughter who lives in Portsmouth with her husband, both working in the dentistry profession.  My son teaches English in North Vietnam.  In 1999, I left the firm of stockbrokers in Truro where I had worked for 20 years to run the farm following the death of my second husband who was a farmer, my first husband having died in 1974 whilst on a lecture tour in Russia.  In 2012 I made the heartrending decision, after 28 years, to give up the sheep, the  bullocks having been sold earlier.  I now have quite a few chickens the eggs from which I sell and use in my small but reasonably successful B & B which I started in 2001.  I like gardening and when asked, decorating/customising cakes in my spare time.

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Roger Aston

Dawn Brown

Pauline Barrow Vice Chair

Mike Bunt

Tony Child

Jinny Clark - Mount Hawke Ward

:  Mount Hawke Ward


Lynn Davies: Porthtowan Ward

Gillian Doble:  Blackwater Ward


Tel: 01872 552799                                         
Address: Goonown Villa, 35 Goonown, St Agnes, TR5 0UY
Email: [email protected]

Register of Interests updated 13th April 2015 

  Born in Redruth, I am proud to be Cornish; it is an important part of who I am.  I currently live in St Agnes but have a long term connection with Blackwater.  My parents, Jack and Lorna Symons, held the tenancy at the Red Lion during the 1960s and I met many of the characters of the village.  I attended Blackwater primary school and helped out at Heather Hunt's riding stables at Chiverton (although I haven't ridden for a very long time!)  My father (ex South Crofty and Wheal Jane) was the mining engineer who helped to reopen Wheal Concord in the 1980s and I worked there as the mine secretary.  My son and his family currently live in Blackwater (although, with the boundary changes, it is technically now in Mount Hawke ward).  I work for Truro & Penwith College and am currently the Programme Team Leader for A levels at the Penwith Campus in Penzance.

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David Drew:  St. Agnes Ward

Bill Forbes: Mount Hawke Ward

 Tel: 01872 552576

Addresss:  The Acorn, St Agnes, TR5 0NN

email: [email protected]

Register of Interests

Living in Goonvrea, St Agnes I am an Industrial Chemist with a technical background in water pollution control and the analysis of water.  Progression to the role of Area Manager meant leading a team of up to 400 with an annual budget of £20 to 30 million. 

My priority for the Parish Council is to achieve and be able to demonstrate the Parish "value for money" when spending your money.  I shall propose to the Council that we do this by using Project Appraisal Procedures and by being open, transparent and consultative when reaching decisions.

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Trevor Johns : St Agnes


Tel:  01872 553351

Address:  Seadrift, 16 Trevaunance Rd, St Agnes, TR5 0PW

email: [email protected]

Register of Interests

Born in St Agnes I lived here for 20 years before taking up a teaching post in Plymouth.  I then changed professions and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor.  I was a partner in a firm in Hayle and Camborne but left to do specialised short term contracts for Councils and Housing Associations.  My last post was Senior surveyor with Plymouth City Council.  4 years ago I had to return to St Agnes due to illness/death of my brother Graham to run the estate agents Lee and Co.  I have since sold this business.  I have tried to be involved in the local community and am now chairman of the St Agnes Carnival Committee, Server at St Agnes Church and a member of the local Rotary Club.

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Martin Ripper

David Lovering:  Mount Hawke Ward


Diana Rodda  Mount Hawke Ward

John Slater : St Agnes Ward

Tel:  01872 554054

Address:  Old Quarry Cottage, Town Hill, St Agnes, TR5 0QT

Email: [email protected]

Register of Interests

My profession was as an industrial chemist; specializing in polymers and plastics technology, with relevant qualifications.  European technical support and based in Holland (12 years) for plastics processing, including electroplating.  Further work as a Training Officer for C.C.C Joblink, designing and implementing training programs for school leavers and adults, including teaching, gaining appropriate training and teaching qualifications.


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